generic tetromino game

Leaderboard format

There are two leaderboard files: one for a-type and one for b-type. The leaderboard format is a plain text format, with one entry per line. Each line contains the name, score, level, and possibly height (if b-type) of the entry. The name is always exactly eight characters, with "empty" characters stored as dashes (-). The name, score, and level are separated by exactly one space. If a height is stored, it is stored after the level, with the level and height separated by a single dash. No leading or trailing whitespace is permitted. A maximum of 10 entries per leaderboard are stored.

AAAAAAAA 1000000 29
BBBBBBBB 900000 27
CCCCCCCC 800000 25
DDDDDDDD 700000 23
EEEEEEEE 600000 21
FFFFFFFF 500000 19
GGGGGGGG 400000 17
HHHHHHHH 300000 15
IIIIIIII 200000 13
JJJJJJJJ 100000 11