generic tetromino game


Linux, BSD, macOS

If you package generic tetromino game for your distribution, please let me know and I'll add your package here.

If generic tetromino game isn't packaged for your distribution, you'll have to compile it. Compiling is very easy and quick; see the the repo for instructions.

Windows (64-bit)


To install mods, copy and paste the mods directory into %APPDATA%\generic-tetromino-game.

You can also compile for Windows if you'd like; instructions are in the repo.

Other platforms

generic tetromino game is written in pure C11 with no extensions, and only uses POSIX APIs within libc (+ some MinGW-specific stuff for Windows). Its only other dependencies are SDL2, SDL2_mixer, and Lua 5.4. So any platform with support for all of this should hypothetically be able to run generic tetromino game. Let me know if you need help, or if you successfully ported the game to some other platform!